We aim to improve accessibility and functionality through provision of basic treatment on malaria, hearing loss and other water borne diseases in rural areas. We fustier aim the Provision of mosquito nets, hearing aids, wheel chairs, crutches etc. Rehabilitation of people addicted to drugs and by alleviation of problems associated with the drug addiction and substance abuse. Lastly, we want to relieve the suffering of and promote, preserve and safeguard the mental and physical well-being of those who fall victims of child sexual abuse and domestic violence by providing and facilitating information, counselling and support of all kinds.


We aim to providing support through advancement of basic education, the provision of reading materials e.g. textbooks, computers, photocopying machine and renovation of classroom, library. Further more we also aim to provide mobility for those in rural areas like motorbikes and other social development services. We encourage reading cultures through providing mobile libraries; organising seminars, workshops and symposiums. 


We want to empower theses underprivileged peoples, with the aim to ameliorate poverty and encouraging the development of skills for self-sufficiency, particularly among the most vulnerable people in our society women, girls and people with disability.