​Offering a limited number of event scholarships to community leaders annually, the Event Scholarship Program is dedicated to assisting those leading transformations in their neighbourhoods by providing the skills and commitment to effect change.

Community leaders are dedicated to making a difference in their community through their unique role by empowering change and seeing transformations through to completion.
As educators, counsellors, volunteers or visionaries for the creation of programs designed to impact underserved populations, leaders envision and enable.

Global Relief Efforts

Dedicated to meeting challenges within the global community, creating solutions and taking action, the Hen Foundation will make voluntary donations to schools, hospitals and shelters for the homeless around the world.

Offering its heartfelt compassion to the victims of natural disasters across the globe, the Foundation is passionate about participating in the coordination of reconstruction activities. 

As men and women across the world begin to rebuild, Hen Foundation takes honor in providing hope, and funding support to suffering communities; proudly working together with non-profit organizations throughout the world.